Buddha shaped pears

September 22, 2009, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:10 pm

buddha pearHave you heard the song its raining men? Well in Britain it’s raining Buddha’s or, should I say Buddha pears that is.

Things in Britain may become pretty pair shaped… Farmers who have fruit orchards have been struggling which may change pretty soon.  A Chinese plucky farmer Gao Xianzhang has created these tiny marvels and produced over 10,000 pears and plans on exporting them to the UK and Europe.

Soon Britain could see the arrival of pears in the shape of miniature buddha’s.  If these cute pears catch on British farmers who are already struggling to fend off sales of cheaper foreign produce may go in further recession.  It took Gao 6 years to perfect these intricate little guys which, are each carefully crafted and grows in a mold.

Even though they may be a little hefty in cost it does not seem to be bothering the locals in his home village of Hexia which, is in northern China. Even though each one costs £5 they are being snatched up.

Gao explains weather people think they are cute or lucky people are buying them as soon as they’re off the tree. Luckily Gao should not have an issue getting these quirky shaped fruits past EU officials. In July EU officials restricted the size and shape of 36 different types of fruits and vegetables some of which are very wonky shaped such as curvy cucumbers and knobbly carrots.

For the past 20 years the standards have been encouraged for the sale of the finer looking produce in shops.

budda pear 2

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  1. Jenn @ FFP says:

    I saw this on the news a few days ago. How curious for someone to go to the trouble of molding a whole orchard of pears just to get them to look like this! He has so much more patience than I…even if it is making some extra $$$$. ;)
    Jenn @ FFP´s last blog ..Crispy Chicken Taco Salad My ComLuv Profile

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