Cooking with yogurt to make a healthier dish

January 19, 2012, Posted by Brio Guy at 5:06 am

Both of my parents are diabetic and I am constantly trying to find ways to make a dish healthier for them and for myself too. When I first put my parents on my “special diet” they kind of thought it was ridiculous or at least im pretty sure thats what they were thinking lol. Its a project I started in school…

Anyways after about a month they both noticed a difference in how they felt and how they felt if they ate something really fatty. Just because you eat healthier does not mean you should take flavor away at all. I mean if I had to eat bland food days on end I know I would not make it.

My healthy tip today is to use yogurt in dishes in replace of sour cream, mayo, and some other fats… You will have to use your judgement if it will work or not. Today I had a lot of leftover chicken in the fridge and decided I was going to make chicken salad out of it. Im not a big fan of mayo or mayonnaise.. All in all just the thought of it starts to make me gag. The chicken was still a little dry after I had added the rest of the ingredients so I went to the fridge to see what else I could add. I saw I had a container of plain yogurt and just added a few spoonfuls and you couldnt even tell the difference.

Start experimenting with yogurt and see what other ways you can use it. If you know or find a useful way leave a comment for all the other lil chefs out there.

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