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October 11, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 4:26 am

There is nothing better than going to a soda shop and getting a ice cold milk shake. My all time favorite is a chocolate peanut butter shake. The other night I had a sweet tooth for something really chocolately… All of the sudden the past few months I have really enjoyed chocolate which is something I used to not enjoy.

Anyways I wanted something sweet but healthy and came up with my healthy chocolate peanut butter dessert.


8oz Plain yogurt

1 packet of splenda

3-5 drops of vanilla extract

1-2 tbsp Chocolate ganache drizzle

1tbsp Peanut butter

Toasted nuts (optional)

Method: Mix the yogurt, vanilla extract,  and splenda together. It is important that you use plain yogurt which has no fat and no added sugar. By adding the splenda you are just making the yogurt slightly sweet. Drizzle your chocolate ganache on top, peanut butter (heat in the microwave for 30sec), and top with toasted nuts I used hazelnuts.

To make chocolate ganache melt chocolate in a double broiler and add some heavy cream. I like to use half and half to make it a little healtheir. This is a staple I always like to keep on hand as you can use it for almost anything.

Do you enjoy this blog? Do you find the information helpful? Then go ahead and treat me to a coffee or send me a tip! I love Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Choose any amount you wish, whatever you feel this blog is worth to you.

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