Sweet & Savory oatmeal

September 11, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 3:46 am

The other night I wanted a snack and saw I had a HUGE container of oatmeal in my pantry. I discovered a new twist for a great breakfast food. There is just something about sweet and savory that I love. This recipe uses a lot of ingredients we all have in our pantry and or leftover ingredients. Olive oil, sea salt, cracked pepper, feta cheese (or something bold ie: Gorgonzola), oats, sundried tomatoes, meat (optional), dried fruit, and nuts.

So after deciding I was going to make a savory bowl of oats I curled up next to the fire and ate my sexy bowl of oats.

This is one of the easiest things to make and you will be glad you made it I promise. Next time you have a house guest over make this for a snack and they will be blown away. This is a healthy breakfast as long as your easy on the cheese. ok? lol For the ingredients you must use HIGH QUALITY products. A little while go a long way and the taste is just out of this world.


1/2C oatmeal

1C. water

1-2 TBSP salted cured meat- I used some shaved virginia ham my aunt sent me.

1-2 TBSP toasted walnuts

2TBSP dried fruit- I used cranberries because I love them and that is what I had on hand.

Cheese- I used feta but you could use Gorgonzola or a smoked cheese.

I also had some sun dried tomatoes on hand so I added a few of those. (optional)

black pepper

Olive oil- You can use olive oil or if you use sun dried tomatoes just use some of that oil.

Method- Cook your oats in the microwave or  stovetop. Because often times I am in a hotel I use the microwave. When the steel cut oats are al dente they are done. When the oatmeal is done just add the ingredients to your liking.  I started with a little oil from my sun dried tomatoes, sun dried tomatoes, shaved virginia ham, cracked pepper, cheese crumbles, toatsed nuts, and dried fruit. Mit it toggether to taste and adjust seasonings to your liking. A little goes a long way. I find that I just add as I go with this dish.

I think this makes a great snack or great dinner.

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