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July 15, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 6:06 pm

Smart storage

When you are pre-packaging meals, defrosting, or storing leftovers make sure you follow food safety rules. Other wise you may cause your family and you to become very ill.

  • When you are ready to use your frozen cooked or uncooked meats make sure you defrost properly. Either in the microwave, in the sink with cold water, or in the¬†refrigerator. Other wise if your meat becomes to warm it will open the door for bacteria growth. Please read more about food safety from the USDA
  • If you freeze any liquids such as broth or soups make sure you leave 1/2 inch at the top of the container to leave expansion for the liquid. Before you freeze make sure you cool down the liquid completely in an ice cold bath.
  • Before you freeze any leftovers, soups, or ready prepared foods make sure you label them. What I like to do is label all my packages with masking tape and a permanent marker. This makes it easier to know what is going to go bad or what it is in the package.
  • Just follow this as a rule of thumb-¬†refrigerate leftovers no longer than 3 days and freeze no longer than 6 months.¬†Generally most foods freeze well without worry. If I make too many cookies or there is a great sale on my favorite bread I like to freeze them for later use. Never freeze cream soups as when you dethaw the cream will seperate and have a very bad texture, but the taste will still be the same. Only freeze meats once, after you defrost a cooked meat do not re-freeze as it will become mushy.

I hope these smart storage tips will help you next time you are cooking in the kitchen.

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