Dentyne Pure Gum

March 13, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 8:35 pm

Do you suffer from funky breath? Does your friend or co-worker have really bad breath? Well, next time just use dentyne pure. Its a gum that just came out a few months ago which contains NeutraFRESH. NeutraFRESH is supposed to neutralize bad breath hence the name lol.

My favorite feature about the gum is the flavor lasts forever and it remains soft for hours on end! Oh wait thats two things… lol Now if you looking for a gum to blow good bubbles this is not the gum for you, but if you chew gum forever like I do then you will love it. Its also great if you do have really bad morning breath, are a smoker, or just want to chew on something.

I know a lot of smokers who chew this gum and it helps them get rid of their Smokey breath.

For the past couple of months I have managed the dentyne team. One of the benefits is I get to try the product and get free samples. I mean who doesnt love free samples!? If you want to read a little more about the dentyne team or to find out a little more about the gum please click here. (this will take you to my marketing blog)

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