January 8, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 5:00 pm

Do you remember the good ole days when you could go get an ice cold fountain drink at the drug store? Nothing tastes better to me than a cold glass of soda. For the past few years there has been a machine out on the market that will make FRESH SODA, Perrier, and pelagrino.

Making your own soda with this machine is healthier for you and a lot cheaper. All the soda’s have 2/3 less sugar, low in sodium, not made with a high¬†fructose corn syrup, and all the diet drinks are made with splenda rather than aspartame.

Click here- Soda Stream to learn a little more about this really cool kitchen tool!

If you want to purchase a soda stream machine please go through this link. All proceeds go to pay for hosting and band width which get pretty expensive. If you want click on the side and donate a coffee to help pay for this site.


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