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March 8, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:09 pm

Hop to Bardstown Road Farmers Market for popping corn, lard

By Marty Rosen • Special to The Courier-Journal • December 2, 2009

bag of homemade popcornMarty Rosen said, “If you feel the urge to step back in time and whip up an old-timey snack, here’s what you do: Drop by the Bardstown Road Farmers Market and find your way to James Jackson’s booth. Jackson raises popcorn on his farm in Borden, Ind. He sells it on the cob for 75 cents an ear. The ears come in pale yellow, ivory white or bright-hued mosaics of rust, red and black.  Then step over to the Fiedler Family Farms booth and pick up a package of lard ($2 a pound).”

Jim Fiedler says, “The Jackson’s home grown popcorn is amazing and is another of my 101 uses for our “cheaper, better & healthier” lard.  I had my doubts the first time I popped it again a month ago after a year’s absence.  James did not grow any last year and I had forgotten it looked like a 90 pound weakling next to the large puffed up kernels of another more famous popcorn farmer also from Indiana.  But the more famous popcorn tasted like day old gum and any unpopped kernels would break your teeth.   Jackson’s was still crisp and crunchy even when gleaned from that left over the next morning.  There were only one or two unpopped kernels but they made you wish for more as they exploded and melted in your mouth.  I never thought I would wish for more toasted corn kernels in the bottom of a bowl of popcorn!”

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  1. Jim Fiedler says:

    How did you find my popcorn/lard comment from the past! James is out of popcorn from last season but promises he will plant more this coming season. I have lard stacked to the ceiling in my walk in! Jim

  2. Brio Guy says:

    I recieve your weekly emails. After reading several weeks of emails I found that I couldnt wait to read the next weeks. lol I wanted to share some of your stories with my readers in hopes they would enjoy them as much as I have.

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