What I want for Christmas is… (Compassion International)

November 22, 2009, Posted by Brio Guy at 10:22 pm

Sometimes I feel we all forget how lucky we are to live in a country where we have shelter, AMAZING food, clothing, and are free to do what we want (for the most part). You have heard me say that I dont eat to live I live to eat that is not the case with these little children.

Compassion-International all I want for christmas is...I am not trying to boast or say hey look at what im doing… Over a year ago I sponsored a child named Defis who lives in India. Defis and I write back and forth to each other and I can tell you the highlight of my day is when I receive a letter in the mail from him.

Well, a couple of weeks ago Compassion sent me a packet asking if I would sponser another child or find them a sponser. Its a little girl named Kavita Mahender, from india, and she is 8. I was hesitant to just not take any action and figured someone would eventually sponser her, but in fact thats not always the case. There are thousands of children who face a harsh, daily strugle for survival. Many children go for days with little or no food, or have little access to safe drinking water. They are often sheltering in unhygienic conditions where disease, violence, and abuse overshadow their lives. No wonder many live in constant fear and danger.

She lives with her father and mother. Her duties at home include carrying water and cleaning. There are 5 children in the family. Her father is sometimes employed as a laborer and her mother maintains the home. For fun she enjoys playing house and hide and seek. She attends church activities regularly and is in primary school where her performance is average.

For a little more than $1 a day you can sponser her which will provide kavita with safe drinking water, food, shelter, allower her to go to school, and learn more about God. You can give her a change of a lifetime to break free from poverty, revieve an education for the first time and know what it is to feel loved, valued, and highly esteemed as one of Gods precious children.

If you feel led to help Kavita please do so in one of the ways below:
1) Pray for Kavita and her family
2) Pray that someone will sponser Kavita
3) Make a small monetary donation to help Kavita
4) Sponsor Kavita monthly
5) Pass this along to the people you know

If you want to make a monetary donation click the ”check it out” button  donate whatever amout you wish to. In the comment section just put for compassion.

Thanks guys you rock!,


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