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February 15, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:13 pm

Today we have brought you three really cool party ideas to make your party a success… I cant even begin to tell you how many times I have been to a party and have lost my drink. So the first thing on your list is a marker to help you keep track of your drink.

Vacu-Vin-Party-People-Glass-MarkersVacu Vin Party People Glass Markers

After you learn your lesson of trying to label everyones plastic cup with masking tape and a sharpie…. Dont get accused of being “the cup nazi” lol. Next time you might try using this quick, fun, and memorable way of marking everyones glass and no one will pick on you for using them. Let your guests choose his or her favorite character to represent their drink for the night.

After the party is over and everyone is leaving you cant let them go home empty handed! Be the cool host that has a party favor for everyone that came. Not only do these cool fruit cozies help protect your fruit from being bruised it helps promote eating healthy…Unravel-Me-Fruit-Cozies

Unravel Me Fruit Cozies

When you wrap yourself in a warm and cozy knitted sweater (with adorable buttons) don’t forget to grab one for your apple too! Unravel Me Fruit Cozies keep your apples and pears from bruising. You’ll find yourself looking forward to a healthy snack everyday with one of these little cozies wrapped around your apple with a cute-as-a-button Cheshire cat or lady bug closure.


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