The poor bride

November 5, 2009, Posted by Brio Guy at 5:12 pm

Its a known fact that every little girl wishes for the perfect wedding and has been planning it since she was like 5. This morning I woke up to the radio as usual and heard them talking about “the poor bride”. It caught my attention because I do not live too far from the city she is in. There was a lot of controversy on what she is doing… Here is what she has to say:

Hey Everyone!

So we know tt of people have seen the site. Some of you like it, some of you don’t. Either way we just wanted to say thank you. When we started the site about a month ago we were not expecting so many people to be so generous. We were not specifically asking for money or people to donate money, we were just trying something and seeing how it would turn out. And we have been so blessed. So again, thanks you so much! :)

I honestly think what she is doing is very original and a great marketing idea, but we want to know what you think. On the radio a few statements were:

  • It is wrong that you are asking people to pay for your wedding.
  • This is an AWESOME idea and I totally like it.
  • This site should be used to donate to people less unfortunate like kid kids

If you feel like you want to donate your time, a momentary donation, or your service you can visit her the poor bride site here. Below are some pictures of the lovely couple and their daughter.


the poor bride 2the poor bride 3the poor bride


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  1. Jennifer says:

    You were asking what people thought about this.. I think some of the vendors may or may not be aware that the groom is a registered sex offender in the state of texas and that the victim was a 12 yr old. He is listed as high risk.

    Big Country Travel, Owner Jane Brightman, stated that she was fully aware of the charge and wished the happy couple her best. Is the message Big Country Travel sending is that they reward sex offenders or are they simply saying everyone deserves a break considering we all do things that are stupid as young adults?

    Is it okay to ask for handouts when you are blacklisted?

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