50 Essential kitchen secrets part 1

January 1, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:52 pm

Who couldnt use a little extra help in the kitchen?  These simple hints will ensure youll never cry over burned milk again.

  1. IF youre unsure of an egg’s freshness, see how it behaves in a cup of water: Fresh eggs sink; bad ones float.
  2. And when a recipe calls for egg whites only, you neednt waste the yolks. Instead of cracking  each egg in half, poke a small hole in one end of the shell so the white alone drains out. Then seal the hole with a piece of scoth tape, wrap the eggshell in foil, and refrigerate.
  3. To ripen fruit overnight, place it in a paper bag with an apple. Apples release ethylene gas that hastens the maturing process of other fruits.
  4. Line the bottom of your refrigerators crisper drawer with paper towels. Theyll absorb the excess moisture that causes veggies to rot.champagne-bottle_300
  5. Dont throw away sparkling wine or champagne thats gone flat. Restore the bubbles by dropping a raisin or two into the bottle. The natural sugars will work magic.
  6. In a pinch, yogurt can be substituted for cream in recieps that dont require cooking. Butyogurt can curdle when cooked in which case, its best to stick with whole milk or half and half.
  7. If you need only a few drops of lemon juice, avoid cutting the lemon in half- it will dry out quickly that way. Instead, puncture the fruit with a metal skewer and squeeze out exactly what you require.
  8. To keep herbs tasting fresh for up to a month, store qhole bunches, washed and sealed in plastic bags, in the freezer. When you need them, theyll be easier to chop, and thell defrost the minute they hit a hot pan.
  9. A bay leaf slipped into a container of flour, pasta, or rice will help repel bugs.
  10. If you burn milk while heating it on the stove, add a pinch of salt to temper the scorched smell and taste.
  11. After finishing off a wedge of hard cheese, save the rind and use it to flavor soup stock. Just be sure to remove the rind and strain the broth before serving.
  12. lemons

  13. Prevent mushrooms from getting slimy by wrapping them in paper towels before refrigerating.

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