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October 19, 2009, Posted by Brio Guy at 5:11 am

Hey guys I got this theme and just fell in love with it, but there really were not any instructions on how to operate the layout. I mean laymen terms lol. So below are some revised instructions on how the theme works, how to add some really cool features, and how to fix problems you may be having with this theme. Hope this helps guys!

 falkner press


LIVE DEMO | FalknerPress Theme (9687)

Make Sure have latest version of Wordpress (2.7 and above)
1. Upload the theme folder into wp-content/themes/ directory.
2. Go to Your WordPress Dashboard and select Theme.
3. Select The Falkner Press theme.
4. Upload the Twitter for Wordress and the flickrRSS plugin that are found in plugins folder into the wp-content/plugins directory.
5. Activate the plugins.

Options PAGE Configuration

1.  Featured Category Name
Type the category name you desired to be appear in the featured post slideshow. Recent Post from this category will be appear in th slideshow. (Go to appearance-current theme options- where it says featured category name it “IE:xx” When you make a post you must select whatever the featured category name is in this case “IE:xx”.)

2.Asides Category Name
Type the category name you desired to be appear as asides category. Recent Post from this category will be appear in the sidebar updates. (Go to appearance-current theme options- where it says asides category name enter whatever you want to name it. This is going to show up on the lower right hand side of the layout. It will post your most recent articles from the category you select. Whatever you name it you must select it to be in your post if you want it to show up on the side.).

3.Asides CategoryHeading
Type the heading name for the asides category here. (Go to appearance-current theme options- where it says asides category heading name it. I just left mine mini updates. Feel free to name it whatever you want.) The default is set as mini updates: mini updates is just the latest article from whatever category you selected it to pull

4.Feedburner ID
This is where you can configure the Feedburner “Email Subscription” Feature. (Go to appearance-current theme options- where it says feedburner ID enter in your id name IE: http://www.brioguy.com/feed/rss) This is my feedburner ID feel free to follow me. Feedburner allows your users to subscribe to your site. Whenever you post something they will get notified via email or whatever they chose.

5. Twitter ID
Same like the Feedburner ID, u can put ur twitter.com username here, and your recent twitter message will appear on the theme. (Go to appearance-current theme options- where it says twitter ID enter in your twitter name IE: mattjharrison) This is my twitter ID feel free to follow me.

6.Youtube Embed Code
Enter the code you get for embedding youtube video. In order to fit the video size to the theme. Change the width value to 250 and height to 190. (Go to appearance-current theme options-put in youtube embed code) (If you do not want a video you can replace it with google adsense if you choose, your own affiliate link, or have some advertise on your site. (read further down to learn more about google adsense and how to add)

7. Banner Management
This is where you can configure all of the advertising block in the theme. (Go to appearance-current theme options-add the link to your picture I suggest you host the picture and then add the affiliate link.) These are the four blocks on the right hand side of the layout.


In order to get thumbnail images to appear on the homepage, a custom field image needs to be added to each post. Towards the bottom of the post editor page in your WordPress dashboard is an Advanced Option called Custom Fields.

What you need to do is open that section up, and create a new key  as well as include the image source for each image you want to show.

There are two custom fields used for all post’s thumbnail images

Custom Fields Keys (CASE SENSITIVE):
1. “featured” is use for all post in Featured category that will appear in slideshow.
2. “thumbnail” for all other post category thumbnails

Remember, The images MUST BE ON YOUR OWN DOMAIN to make the thumbnail works. (You can not use a photo url from someone elses site it will not work!)

Some important things to note regarding automatic image resizing:

The theme uses the TimThumb PHP script to automatically create and resize the thumbnail images, and in order for it to work properly you need to take note of the following things first:

  • TimThumb requires the GD library, which is available on any host sever with PHP 4.3+ installed.
  • The theme has a cache folder for the thumbnail images located at falkner/cache which requires proper write permissions. If your host server doesn’t allow this by default, be sure to manually change the /cache/ folder permissions to 777 or 755.
  • Use absolute paths for your images in the custom fields. for example http://yourdomain.com/wp-content/uploads/images.jpg
  • If your Hosted your site in Hostgator and your image didn’t appear after following all the instruction. Try to contact hostgator, tell them the problem and ask them to get ur site whitelisted on the mod_security stuff. There’s a security function in hostgator that prevents the timthumb from working. (I use host gator and I had to call them to whitelist my site. It is very easy and only takes about 5min.)

Common Mistakes/ How to’s

If your slideshow is not working check the following:

  • The picture is hosted on your website
  • You checked the “featured” category
  • You titled the field “featured” and not “Featured”

Decide how many slides you want to be featured. The themes default is set to 5.

  • Click on appearance- editor- gallery.php. (NOTE: My suggestion is to copy the whole .php file and save it in notepad just in case you mess up the .php file on your layout you can fix it!) If you go to the gallery website (slideshow) you can change how the transitions happen and etc. go here to read more http://smoothgallery.jondesign.net/ Where it says: #RETRIEVE THE SMOOTH GALLERY POSTS $smoothgallery_posts = new WP_Query(“category_name=$theme_featured&posts_per_page=3″) change the 3 into however many posts you want to show up on your slideshow. This is a copy of my setting that is why there is a 3 and not a 5. So yours will be a 5)

To change how many posts show up on your home page:

  • Go to settings-reading, where it says blog pages show at most add however many you want to show up.

To change the header: The psd file is included in the falkner download folder. Just edit the photo to whatever you choose and upload it to your ftp files.

Flikr- go to settings- flikr rss and choose how man photos you want displayed and what you displayed. You can make it a keyword, your photos, a groups photos, etc.

Google analytics- My personal suggestion would be to add a google analytics plugin to your site, but if you want to add the code go to appearance-editor-header and add the code. Do not add the code to the footer as google analytics will not be able to read it. The code in the footer jams the java script.

Adding adsense: As most of you have noticed there really isn’t any place other than your posts to add google adsense. There are four different spots to where you can replace and add google adsense. 1)below the slideshow, the four advertising boxes, replace your youtube video, advertisement spot at the footer of the theme. Go to appearance- editor- go to main index page. (NOTE: My suggestion is to copy the whole .php file and save it in notepad just in case you mess up the .php file on your layout you can fix it!) Right under <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH . ‘/gallery.php’); ?> you are going to add the google adsense banner java script. You are also going to have to take this code out other wise if someone clicks on it its going to take them to wherever the orginal link goes.<div><a href=”<?php echo $theme_banner_468_url; ?>” title=”Advertisement”><img src=”<?php echo $theme_banner_468; ?>” alt=”top-ads” /></a>

If you want to take out the four blocks, and the advertisement at the footer of the layout its pretty much the same steps. You just need to be a little familiar with html coding to find it. 

If you want to replace the youtube video with google adsense click on appearance- current theme options where it says youtube embed code add your java script.

Do you enjoy this blog? Do you find the information helpful? Then go ahead and treat me to a coffee or send me a tip! I love Starbucks Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Choose any amount you wish, whatever you feel this blog is worth to you.

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  1. fandee says:

    Hi, nice web… =)

    Have you ever had problem with Falkner Glow theme?
    Previously I used Falkner Sky theme (www.mumugi.com) and very satisfied with the design.
    But then, when I used Falkner Glow. It won’t work.
    Even after I copy all the images and articles from mumugi, the slideshow still won’t work.
    I use same webhosting, so the problem might be not in the host.

    Any idea?

    thanks anyway

  2. Brio Guy says:

    Fandee thanks for visiting my site! I hope you are enjoyed it and found it to be helpful. I personally have never used the glow theme…
    The only thing I can think of is you might have to delete the old theme (IE: all the files in your ftp of your old theme). Try that and then reinstall the new theme you are wanting to use.

    Hope that helps,

    M@tt Harrison

  3. sars says:

    Sir, I cant apply the images of my post in the homepage..(the big screen besides twitter).. I want to change the banner into my site’s name.. I have no idea in fixing like this stuffs because im not so familiar with wordpress.. I hope you can help me please.. thank u
    sars´s last blog ..2009 Top 20 Nursing Schools in the Philippines My ComLuv Profile

  4. sars says:

    SIr, additional to my question, how can i replace my site’s name to the header?
    sars´s last blog ..2009 Top 20 Nursing Schools in the Philippines My ComLuv Profile

  5. goga says:

    still on testing mode.
    some problem when adding a widget..for example – Text widget.
    -if just write something it will overflow..

    calendar widget
    -it’ll compress to the left..

    any idea?

  6. Brio Guy says:

    Im not really sure I have not really added too many widgets on this theme. I know there are already some pre-set widgets for this theme. I think calendar is one of them. You might want to check the coding and make sure nothing is conflicting.

  7. Brio Guy says:

    I am not really sure what images you are talking about… If you are talking about the slideshow you need to read my tutorial on the slideshow. Please referr to my tutorial on how to change the banner.

  8. Brio Guy says:

    Referr to my tutorial.

  9. goga says:

    text widget for rightsidebar fixed.
    look for ” .textwidget” in style.css file and adjust the width.

    for the leftsidebar, it still defined by the .textwidget for the rightsidebar…how we can define another .textwidget for leftsidebar..anyone knows?

  10. nspis says:

    Considerably, the post is really the freshest on this worthy topic. I agree with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your approaching updates. Just saying thanks will not just be enough, for the extraordinary clarity in your writing. I will immediately grab your rss feed to stay privy of any updates. Genuine work and much success in yourbusiness efforts!

  11. Brio Guy says:

    Thanks, I hope you enjoy my other posts as well.

  12. Blog Themes says:

    Very nice read, some valid points were made. (This isn’t some stupid spam reply either, I’m a true reader.

  13. MT says:

    I have a problem on slideshow.. featured is okay but still not work.. help me please

  14. Brio Guy says:

    Read my tutorial it should help clear things up.

  15. Rozanne Bing says:

    Doing some browsing and noticed your blog appears a bit messed up in my IE6internet browser. But fortunately hardly anyone uses it any longer but you may want to look into it.

  16. Brio Guy says:

    Thanks for the heads up! Are you using the most current version of IE? Thats a big problem IE has with websites…

    thanks again,

  17. Julie Elder says:

    I have spent the past three hours looking for the perfect theme, and when ever I download it, it just comes as a raw piece of paper. I have a Mac, I don’t know if this is causing the problem.. It did down load twice, but both times the style sheet was missing.. Can you help me. I just need a link, that will download everything for my wordpress bolg.. By the way this is a beautiful theme..

  18. Brio Guy says:

    Did you unzip the folder?

  19. Julie Elder says:

    No I have not unziped the folder. Just downloaded it into my wordpress account.. Should I open it?
    .-= Julie Elder´s last blog ..

  20. Julie Elder says:

    When I was able to download the zip file, and activate it, this is what it says…
    The thumbnail image is not the right image is black and it has a 1new written in the black box..
    So when I activate this box the page pulls up but the only thing it has added of mine is the background and the twitter bird!! Pretty weird.. and it says this:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function twitter_messages() in /home4/julieeld/public_html/wp-content/themes/TheGreyMac/leftbar.php on line 12
    .-= Julie Elder´s last blog ..

  21. Paul says:

    Test post to check out the formatting and such :)

  22. Brio Guy says:

    You have to unzip the folder before you upload it to your ftp.

  23. Julie Elder says:

    correction on the type of file it is wanting to download RAR File…
    .-= Julie Elder´s last blog ..

  24. Brio Guy says:

    you need to download a program to switch the RAR file. I had to do that i went to download.com I forgot the name of the program I used. It had something to do with a frog. LIke leap or frog I dont remember. Hope that helps.

  25. Brio Guy says:

    You need to unzip it manually using an ftp setting. The reason in becasue this is a folder inside a folder which makes the theme not work.

  26. themester says:

    After i upload falkner glow and go to wordpress it says that its a broken theme and the stylesheet is missing…how do i fix this?

  27. Brio Guy says:

    Um I actually had that happen to me… the reason it happened to me was because I tried to add adsense in the 4 picture spots… The only way I could get it to work was to delete all my hosting files and start ALL OVER! it sucked!

  28. Julie says:

    is there a way to make it so I can create my own titles. I want the gallery to show photos with my own titles that don’t come from my blog posts. couldn’t figure out a way to do this so I created a post and edited the post date a year or 2 back and it doesn’t show. when I change the post date to the current date, the pictures show. I don’t want the images I’m using for the gallery to be tied to a blog post that readers will be able to view. I tried to edit the post date so that the post that the images are tied to will not show up in my recent post.

  29. Brio Guy says:

    you cant just make “pictures” appear in the slideshow. If you want that you may have to use another slide show presenter. What you can do it create posts and categorize them… So like maybe make a category called “pictures”. Then just select the setting that just shows that category….
    Hope that helps!


  30. Julie says:

    Thanks, I just deleted the slideinfo panel. but I’m still haveing another problem. I can’t get my text and images to align properly in the left sidebar. The title is centered perfectly but any text or images that i post align off to the right, when i want then aligned to the left. can you help?

  31. Brio Guy says:

    The images and text cannot be larger than the original file image. Unless you go into the back php files and change it to format it, but thats a whole other monster lol.

  32. Julie says:

    Thanks I just added a piece of code to make the left sidebar function independently of the right. okay, this is my last question. How can I get animated gifs to play in the featured gallery. I used the adaptation of this theme for blogger and animated gifs played well in the gallery. I think it has something to do with the timthumbs script but I have no idea how to correct it.

  33. Brio Guy says:

    I have never tried to play animated gif files in the slideshow… I dont think you can play them, but im not completely sure. You might try looking for a movie slide show plugin or something of that nature.

  34. Brio Guy says:

    If you find out please let us know so we can add that too our tutorials. If you want to make a tutorial about how you fixed your other two problems that would be AWESOME. Then we can add it to the post for others to see.

  35. Parham Baker says:

    On the Faulkner Sky theme there is a bug in the searchform.php file…

    It SHOULD read…

    <input type="text" value="” name=”s” id=”s” value=”" onFocus=”this.value=’test’” />

    Parham Baker´s last blog ..This is yet another post My ComLuv Profile

  36. Parham Baker says:

    If you are having trouble with the slideshow, as I did, well, it DOES work. I went back into my category configuration and made both the slug and the description “featured” instead of the larger descriptions I had used, and suddenly it all worked.

    Also, on the previous post, I would change the word ‘test’ to Search, as it does show up in the search box when you click on it.

    Parham Baker´s last blog ..This is yet another post My ComLuv Profile

  37. Emma Stone says:

    this is great ive bookmarked this one hehe

  38. jason says:

    hi tried the theme but from the homepage itself, it just showing the non buffering video (hmm might be i am not adding any code for the youtube )
    and below there, we can see,
    then straight away with the post and the wording seems mess up.

    anything i need to change the index.php ?

    refer my site http://www.nendoroiz.com/
    jason´s last blog ..Israel using confiscated videos to justify attack on flotilla, claims press group My ComLuv Profile

  39. WGC says:

    Category not showing up in the list.

    Hi All, we use the Bubble Light theme version of this theme.
    When I was configuring my categories, they had trouble showing up. It was because I had quotation marks in the category name. Once I took them out, the category would appear. Hope this helps anyone who had or is having this trouble. :)

    Love and Glitter,

  40. Thanks for the awesome post!

  41. Jones says:

    Please Help! I have some problems installing the theme.
    I have no Stylesheet (.css) data in the downloaded and manualy extracted and uploaded.zip file.
    Just one .xml an an image folder and a .psd logo picture, but no index, no style.css, no template data etc. Please help me! Can u please upload a complete file for downloading.
    Thank you ver much

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