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January 4, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:47 pm

kim crawfordIf you ask me wine can make the best part of the meal or not… To some people picking a wine can be extremely difficult. There are so many different kinds of wines to choose from sometimes it can be a little overwhelming! If you go to your local winery they are usually more than happy to help pick a wine for you. Just tell them what you will be serving or what the occasion is and they can help you.

A general rule for thumb:

  • Serve white wine with poultry and seafood
  • Serve red wine with red meats

Sometimes if you have a chardonnay for example it can be extremely acidic and tart. Next time you have it try serving it with a meal that has something acidic in it such as lemon pepper chicken. The acid from the chicken dish will cut down the acid from the chardonnay. Don’t believe me? Drink some wine see how acidic it is, then take a lemon, suck on it, and drink some wine.

Every wine post I will try and give some more cool wine facts, tips, and tricks. But, if you are impatient like often I am you might want to read wine speak 101 by Jane Nickles. She was my wine teacher for 6 weeks and taught me a lot about wine. She is very witty, itellegint and fun going woman.

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The wine that we are going to talk about today is a New Zealand wine. I had never tired this wine until my Aunt came to visit she purchased a bottle and said it tasted like grapefruit. As soon as she said it tasted like grapefuit I was sold! Grapefuit is one of my favorite fruits. You need to make sure you purchase a good New Zealand wine so you can taste the grapefruit.

Clear, pale yellow color; closed at first, opened with warming to reveal complex, sweet, tropical fruit, lemon-lime, grass, tule, pepperoncini, floral, rose, vanilla cream, honey and faintly musty aromas; ripe, straightforward, clean, dry, citrus gumdrop, lemon, grapefruit, pear, anise-licorice, slightly grassy, faintly mineral flavors; medium body; snappy, crisp balance; medium-long finish is crisp, mouthwatering (aspartame?, artificial sweetener?). 12.5% alcohol. Nearly a textbook example of attractive, easy drinking, inoffensive Sauvignon Blanc

The brio guy is sure that this wine will have you coming back for more.

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