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Easy french onion soup!

May 14, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 2:49 am

When traveling often the thing I crave for most is a good home cooked meal. This is the perfect meal to make if you are stuck living from hotel to hotel. Its my oh so easy french onion soup.

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Easy as 1,2,3 Thanksgiving/Christmas meal

December 19, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 4:19 pm

Recently I have talked to a lot of people who have never cooked a thanksgiving meal/Christmas dinner and dont even know where to begin! This post goes out to all my beginner foodies out there. No one should ever buy a frozen turkey dinner!

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ToFurkey and Gravy Soda …

November 23, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:26 pm

Usually when fall hits we get excited about all of the yummy pumpkin flavored things, like pumpkin cappuccinos, cookies and milk shakes… but some folks are just interested in the turkey. But up until now we never noticed any extra turkey flavored treats (and frankly we’re kind of glad). But anyone who can’t get enough…

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Blackberry & Raspberry Macarons With Ginger & Lime Buttercream

March 19, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 6:58 pm

Before you even begin, can I suggest that you do what I didn’t: research and read everything you can about making macs before you actually make them. By the time I got mine right, I’d read THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, THIS, and of course THIS.

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Cottage cheese recipe

March 12, 2010, Posted by Brio Guy at 12:49 pm

“If your on a diet, trying to watch your weight, or just want a healthy snack then i have the perfect recipe for you.” I used to make fun of my dad for eating cottage cheese saying “it was for old people”.

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