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Thai asian sweet potato recipe

February 19, 2012, Posted by Brio Guy at 5:28 am

There were 3 sweet potatoes left on the counter. Im tired of eating the same ole style so I added a Thai Asian twist to them.

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Steakhouse Shepherd’s Pie

December 18, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 3:26 am

There is nothing better than going out to a steakhouse for dinner. Going out to a steakhouse can be very pricey and if you have a large family you may not be able to go out and do so. So if you want that steakhouse taste then you need to make this

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Vanilla glazed carrots w/toasted nuts

November 18, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 3:21 am

Carrots? Of course! Bugs Bunny loved carrots so why cant we love them just as much? Sometimes these sweet orange carrots just need a twist to make them more enticing.

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Healthy Reece’s dessert

October 11, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 4:26 am

There is nothing better than going to a soda shop and getting a ice cold milk shake. My all time favorite is a chocolate peanut butter shake. This is probably not on your diet and that is why I created a healthy alternative.

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Sweet & Savory oatmeal

September 11, 2011, Posted by Brio Guy at 3:46 am

The other night I wanted a snack and saw I had a HUGE container of oatmeal in my pantry. I discovered a new twist for a great breakfast food. There is just something about sweet and savory that I love. This recipe uses a lot of ingredients we all have in our pantry and or leftover ingredients.

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